Claims Administration Australia Pty Ltd ( “CAA” ) intends to file a class action on behalf of policyholders of XXX which gave rise to policyholders being disadvantaged as a result of the acts and/or omissions of management and directors of XXX.

CAA will act as the conduit on behalf of the XXX policyholders and the professional service advisers including but not limited to the solicitors, barristers, accountants, other experts and the funder.

The class action which in this instance will be conducted by solicitors which we have appointed, ZZZ and will be conducted on a ‘ no win, no fee’ basis.

The action will be funded by a funder which means that you will not be required to pay any costs in or contribute to it. The funder will indemnify you against all costs and against all awards if unsuccessful.

In the event of a successful outcome, after deducting the funders commission as sanctioned by the court (which will include all professional services fees – including our own) the balance will then be divided between the plaintiffs (in this event the policyholders) on a pro rata basis. 

The amount which will be claimed is significant and the benefit to you the, the policyholder (at the relevant time), will be receiving an amount which you may not otherwise have contemplated. CAA is a small vibrant company with access to specialists in the class action arena and is able to facilitate the process by keeping the plaintiffs in the funder informed of relevant aspects of the case undertaken by the respective experts and specialists


If you would like to engage CAA to register your interest, please commence  registration online now