Once a claim is identified, we approach funders and experts to ensure that the claim is worth pursuing.

We approach shareholders as potential claimants’ to see whether there is sufficient interest.

When all of these are aligned we collate and facilitate all claimants’ claims by completing the various pieces of the puzzle to make your claim happen.

We keep claimants fully apprised on each aspect of the claim and will and do meet with claimants on an as needs basis.

During the process, we also meet with our experts and others from time to time.

At all times, we distinguish ourselves on being approachable and are able to deal with all queries in relation to your claim.

If and when appropriate we negotiate the claim on behalf of all of the claimants.

We either reach a settlement through negotiation or we await judgment by the Court.

On settlement and after payment of all funds and other expenses, we distribute the proceeds on a pro-rata basis as to each claimant’s shareholding.